hello, this is odelia. i know i should be writing my bio in third person, but previous experiences have taught me that speaking of myself like that makes people look at me strangely.
to be honest, i also find it quite  strange. why do we speak of ourselves in third person in this section? is it supposed to look more professional? was i supposed to hire someone to tell you about me?

i wonder. 

i wonder a lot. 
wonder with and through still images, motion pictures, words and apparently through my info page.

my work is practically a collection of wondering about life, people, situations, feelings, ideas.
i adore subjectivity in its rawest and most honest form, and as long as my curiosity paves a way, it serves as my compass.

i attended pratt institute for a BFA (in caps!) and graduated with honors. it took 4 years, a lot of money and a piece of my soul to get this degree under my belt, so that maybe one day it will decorate the wall of my elders.

unfortunately, though, my elders haven’t had a chance to hang it on the wall. most of them reside in siberia, and i wouldn’t trust the russian mail to ship a 200,000$ worth piece of paper.

if you know a reliable way to ship my degree, would like to collaborate or hire me to make some magic- you can find me via odeliatoder@gmail.com